September 27, 2006

My BEST flag patches yet

I found this flag on the Net and decided to make it a 1/6 patch. I have to say this is my BEST flag patch yet.

As usual just download it and print it, Ive done all the hard work lol.

September 21, 2006

Printable Flag Patches

I decided to post some printable flag patches in 1/6 scale since it seems that I never have enough of them. At first I wanted them printed on fabric but it looks like the results werent that great so Im going to try printing them out on regular paper. Below are some Blood type patches, Flag patches and Team patches.

To print out the patches just save the image to your computer and print from there. These are 1/6 scale patches.

NOTE: As of 9/22/06 the flag patches have been upgraded to higher resolutions therefore youll notice a difference when printing them out, no more jaggies.

September 10, 2006

ODA Comms Sargent

September 04, 2006

My version of Agent Jones

Heres my latest bash, this is based loosely on Dragons Agent Jones.

August 19, 2006

All I have to say is Hot Dammmmn, Jones is mine!!!!!!!

Well I was doing my usual lurking on ebay and came across a Mint NRFB Dragon Swift Freedom Agent Jones. I placeed a bid on him and thought "oh what the hell I wont win it" since he's popular and rare at the same time. But low and behold I won my Agent Jones, one of the most coolest action figures Dragon ever made.

Below are some pics of Jones in and out of the box, dont hate me now lol.

August 13, 2006

Toy Soldier PCU

Well I got my TS Protective Combat Uniform set in the mail the other day. I had some issues with the color being a purple-ish grey so I set out to remedy the problem. I got a pack of and a pack of Pearl Gray and RIT Color Remover as well.

I tossed the suit in a pot of 3 tablespoon of desolved RIT Color remover for about 5 mins and it removed the color. The suit looked beige almost white when I removed it from the solution. I didnt plan to remove the the color just lighten it.

I wasnt un-happy with my results, next I rinsed the PCU set according to the instructions on the Color remover package then cleaned out the pot. Once the pot was cleaned I added the PCU set to the simmering pot of 6 tablespoons of RIT Pearl Grey dye. I didnt want to dye it too dark so I kept a constant eye on it stirring it every so often for about 15 mins or so.

Below is the end reslut of my dye job, I must say the suit came out pretty good considering it was my first time doing something like this. I think its a 100% improvement on the way it originally looked. I get a constant gray color with out needing to adjust my light source.

On the subject of light soucre, It may have been the light that played tricks with my eyes. I did an informal study, 4 out of 5 people that I asked said the color of this suit said there was a purple or mauve tint to it. After the dye job they said it was Grey so like I said Im happy with the results. I will post pre-dye pics taken at the same location shortly.

After RIT Pearl Grey Dye Pics

Post RIT Color Remover Pics

July 30, 2006

1/6 Ghillie Suit

Its been a while since Ive posted anything worthwile here. Im in the process of making a Ghillie suit. Ive searched the Internet low and high looking for the best resources on Ghillie suit making and came up with a few.

Well I have to say the last few days of this project have been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I wasnt very happy with the way the original Ghillie suit was comming along for several reasons.

The first problem I had was the mesh I was using way too messy to work with, the second problem was that the Dragon BDU I was using fit only Dragon bodies and third I just didnt like the wasy it looked in general.

I scrapped the Dragon BDU and replaced it with a Hasbro BDU what a difference plus Im not going to mess up a good BDU with this experiment. I got some new mesh, sythectic this time instead of cotton. Ive decided to wait for my Embroidery Floss to show before I put the netting on (hopefully on Mon).

I really really really wanted to put canvas on the front of the BDU, so I got some canvas. As you can see canvas frays, so I need a fray stopper type of liquid to put on the ends.

I hope the pics show some kind of progress no matter how little it may be. I think Im going to stick with this version of the suit since is comming along the way I want it to.

All in all Im very happy the way that this version of my Ghillie suit looks so far. Below is my dirty list of thing that need to be done.

Attach netting

Attach Floss

Paint Canvas areas

Finish Boonie Hat

April 06, 2006

Another attempt at weapons bashing

March 28, 2006

ACU re-hash